Who has jason segel dating


Arden Wohl With her trademark headbands and bohemian style, Arden Wohl stands out in the New York City socialitescene.

Graduating from NYU’s Tisch film school, she has produced a few short films and is an avid supporter of the Nest Foundation, a youth organization that raises awareness about the sexual exploitation of children.

Amanda Hearst: Amanda Hearst is not only an heir to the Hearst publishing throne, she’s also an IMG model.

We think she and Segel would make a perfect couple.

Wohl’s track record of being a free-sprited, trust-funded, film funding gal, may be just enough to deem her the next Mrs. Olivia Palermo We’ve come to have a love/hate relationship with Olivia Palermo over the past few years.

From her stint at DVF with Whitney to her constant battles with Erin as the Accessories Editor at , we can’t say we always support her career moves. Fabiola Beracasa Contributing blogger for Fabiola Beracasa, is one fabulous socialite.

However, we can always support her fabulous wardrobe choices! With impeccable style and too many connections in the fashion industry to count, we hope that Segel and Beracasa go on secret shopping (and smooching) escapades throughout the city.

What do you think; is Tory Burch Segel’s secret socialite?With a flourishing career, fabulous closet, and cool demeanor, we can’t help but wonder if she’s the one sneaking around the Bowery.Tory Burch Tory Burch, designer and New York City socialite, has had her fare share of men.‘s, Jason Segel has been booking rooms under the pseudonym Sydney Fife, at the Bowery Hotel. To secretly date an Upper East Side socialite, of course!

With no confirmations on who the lucky lady is, here are our best guesses as to who Segel might be secretly seeing.Bettina Zilkha Bettina Zilkha is virtually inescapable within the NY social scene.



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