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September 12, 2016 It wasn’t that long ago that this married permanent A+ list rapper/mogul was supporting this singer with the same number of letters in her first name.One of the rules, which she still follows is she is not allowed to be seen in public with other guys. So stripped back and raw, and she's really accepted the limitations of her changing voice. I'd love it if Alicia and Mariah did a song together, the talent level would be through the roof.I love Patti, but let's be clear here: being loud and screaming doesn't necessarily constitute great singing.Mariah learned the hard way with the "Got to be real" performance in '98. Patti although not as successful as Mariah still remains a legend and icon. I won't comment on her outfit of choice which all singers seem to be making currently but I will say the color is scary and cheap looking. I know what moment in 2005 you are talking about for that white dress. Instead of Titsy the Pornstar she looks like Titsy the Pepto bismal super hero Pornstar.

Patti has definitely been more consistent vocally throughout her career, just like Barbra Streisand, but let's not pretend that the one who screams louder is the one who sings better. I'm just choosing to focus on how extremely proud I am of my state of California for electing the state's first Black senator in history. On the other hand, the fact that he won at all is one hell of an underdog comeback story. They were tired of lifelong politicians and the establishment. I am interested to see what he will do and hope that he brings jobs back to America. Give us a "hashtag pow" fashion "moment", try something new with your hair and please wear something that fits with your body and not the unflattering ones.

Mariah's voice is not the same, but throughout her career it has shown us many different nuances and colors. Weed (although I don't smoke it) was also legalized. The west coast needs to secede from the rest of the US because we're just that amazing lol. I told everyone I knew to stop relaxing and taking for granted that HC was going to win just because she was more experienced. I just wish the political parties weren't a mashup of both social and fiscal ideas, because there are a lot of fiscally conservative ideals that I could get behind, like not paying for someone's welfare for 25 years if they never even attempt to get a job. I don't agree with bullying people into Christianity through laws. It totally disrespects the separation between church and state, yet the Republican party is allegedly the most Constitutional, but that is the part of the Constitution that is ignored the most. I know I'm reaching for the stars here, but heck who knows lol.

I love Patti, I think she would have a very hard time singing "Underneath The Stars", "Melt Away" or "Music Box" with Mariah's mastery. Regardless, what disappoints me most about this loss is how it proves just how much - even after centuries of fighting for equal rights and opportunities between men and women - America is still not quite ready to take that big step just yet. Maybe this was the kick in the ass that the Democrats need to stop taking things for granted and for some of the delusional millenials (no shade) to stop casting "protest" votes for 3rd parties that will never win. I always tag Stella and Kris so that maybe they can realize that 70% of her outfits (and sometimes her hairstyle) are beyond "yikes". that pink ensemble from the concert is just like paying homage for Nicki I can't.

I don't even live in the US but since it's the most powerful nation in the world, that makes it our business, too. I know there's more to leadership than the gender of the president, but perhaps it was just too much to ask for, believing that after two consecutive terms of leadership from the first black president in the country's history, that we could somehow keep the momentum going and have a woman leader for a change. Are they planning to release a "pink version" of Up Out My Face? Singing with Patti Labelle is like working without a job. No one other than Yolanda Adams can hold her own with the greatest female singer and vocalist of all time. I didn't got to see any on IG or FB because they are spammed with the horrid news about Trump's victory.

Mariah's gift is her emotional connection with hurt and songs about love, winning and her tone is beautiful. I do wish she would take it off and sell it or enclose it in a glass case at the Smithsonian or something.

Someone said in one of the blogs comments section that she could be the next Kim K. Perish the though, but she is very cavalier with it jangling off her mid finger. I'd gone off her a bit since her last album but it's honestly one of the best of her career.



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