Who is aj mclean dating now


So we ended up on this amazing journey and a shoot that took almost two years.” Sure enough, the ‘whole Backstreet story’ makes for a fascinating chronicle. ’ So Mommy and Daddy are trying to figure out when we get Mommy, Daddy time. “We’re all human, we all make mistakes,” Mc Lean, who has had his own troubles with alcohol, says of Carter’s recent arrest. When you talk about it so much and then you turn around and get caught drinking … The media has no idea what really happened, or what he was going through at that moment.” As for the son Carter is expecting with wife Lauren, Mc Lean already knows the first-time father is going to be an “awesome dad” to his baby boy. It’s a learning process.’ My daughter is 3 and I’m still learning,” he shares.We are talking about [baby] number two so it’s trying to figure out when and where! “I work hard at being sober — people know that I struggle with my disease. “Whatever our next child is, boy or girl, you would think that, ‘Oh I did it once, I’ve got it.’ No. It’ll make it easier, but it’s still going to be a brand new learning process.

The singer and wife Rochelle are talking about giving their 3-year-old daughter Ava Jaymes a little brother or sister.

“She now knows how to get out of her big girl bed in the middle of the night, [knocks on the door], ‘Mommy, Daddy? ’ ” Though the baby deadline is coming up fast for Mc Lean, he says bandmate and close friend Nick Carter‘s preparation for fatherhood is going well, despite his recent legal trouble.



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