Who is alex morgan dating

Ladies and gentleman, Alex Morgan is off the market.

The American soccer star broke hearts everywhere by agreeing to marry fellow soccer professional Servando Carrasco on Monday.

Her resume includes the Olympic gold medal she won in 2012 and she regularly competes for the sport’s highest honors.

She is also a social and mass media darling and a regular recipient of marriage proposals from adoring fans. Send it to him via Twitter at @NESNsoccer or @mkomard, his Facebook page or NESN Soccer’s Facebook page or send it here.

Morgan’s career has brought her much more fame and fortune than Carrasco’s.

She turned professional in 2010 and is already one of the top women’s soccer players in the world.

Alexandra Patricia "Alex" Morgan (born July 2, 1989) is an American soccer player, Olympic gold medalist, and FIFA Women's World Cup champion.


Morgan’s secret and not-so-secret admirers can only ask “what if? He will pick a few questions to answer every week for his mailbag.

” because there’s no chance she’ll say yes to any of them.



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