Who is brandon smith dating

- When the Paso Robles High School Class of 2016 walks out onto the War Memorial Stadium football field to receive their diplomas on Friday, June 10, it will be a historic moment for one family.It has been 50 years in the making when Dennis Smith, PRHS Class of 1966, witnesses his grandson, Brandon Smith, graduate alongside his fellow classmates.I wanted to sit down with Brandon Smith, Alt-Market, for a very specific reason.Brandon is one of very few people that stuck to his analysis and said the Federal Reserve would in fact raise interest rates in December 2015.Overall sales were down for Q4-2015 and now we are beginning to see the repercussions of eight years of failed monetary policies.


This is accomplished through federal level policies that are instituted through the U. Once a person simply scratches the surface it becomes all too clear the bank robbers are running the banks.

When monetary policies are thrust upon an ailing economy that run counter to what is happening with the economy one has to take a serious look behind the curtain.



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