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There I was now having to kind of step up to the plate and wanting to impress them and yet get the job done and not have to worry so much about what the girls might think.“I’ll never forget that day, though, and the look in Shannen’s eyes of, ‘Now don’t mess up.’ That’s what I remember most; how professional she was about it all and how good she wanted the series to be.She put the ‘pressure’ on to make it a success because she took a great deal of pride in Charmed and the work.“It’s basically the three of us recapping the show’s eight years on the air as well as talking about , the birth of the episode, what it was about, the emotions that went along with making it, and how it could have been the last time we saw Leo.It was wonderful to see Brad and Cameron again and be able to share our thoughts about the whole experience.”Charmed made its TV debut in the autumn of 1998 and introduced audiences to the Halliwell sisters, Prue (Shannen Doherty), Piper (Holly Marie Combs) and Phoebe (Alyssa Milano), who also happened to be witches, but the good variety.I mean, I’d done [the feature film] Sleepwalkers a few years before, but that was the extent of my experience in that genre.


It was a positive one, though, and it stuck with me for the whole run of the series, so I give kudos to Shannen for her professionalism.“When it came to playing Leo in those early episodes, I guess one of the first things I had to get used to was working in the Sci-Fi realm.

So the trick was to try to be likable enough for the audience to want me to stay and also be a good enough actor for the show’s leads to want to keep me around.“The dynamic that I especially liked early on was that my character had this secret that no one really knew about.

Their destiny was to vanquish demons and protect innocents, but even the powerful Charmed Ones needed a little help every so often. Initially masquerading as a handyman, he was really a Whitelighter sent by the Elders to watch over the sisters.

Leo first knocked on the Halliwell Manor’s front door in the season one episode “What probably sticks out most in my mind about my first time stepping onto the Charmed set was the nervous energy I had of being around Shannen, Alyssa and Holly in a professional venue,” recalls Krause.


“I’d known them for a couple of years, but we had never worked together.So I just remember being very nervous because they knew me as their friend Brian, but had never seen me act in person.



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