Who is brooke from coronation street dating


Ryan uploaded a number of photos on Instagram, including one of the group together in and around a hot tub – and fans immediately began to speculate about a possible romance between the soap stars.But nothing has happened between us.’ However, it sounds like Brooke wouldn’t say no to a cheeky date with Niall as she also revealed she’d much rather date a mate than be set up with a mystery man.MORE: Harry Styles girlfriend update: If model Paige Reifler isn’t dating him and Neon Jungle’s Asami Zdrenka isn’t either, who is?But 22-year-old Brooke, who has played lesbian Sophie Webster in the soap since she was 11, insists nothing went on.‘Josh [Mc Eachran] was my first boyfriend and we both decided to call it a day,’ Brooke told The Sun On Sunday. Now I’m single again there’s lots of speculation about who I’m dating and what’s going on.’ Addressing the Niall rumours, she added: ‘Niall has been my friend since he started on The X Factor but because I’m single and he said he fancies me it’s assumed we’ll get together.’ And while she admits to being a 1D fan, she says that’s as far as it’s ever gone: ‘I’ve been to One Direction concerts loads of times — with Josh, my cousins, my sister — because he’s a mate.She revealed after the split that she was having trouble finding a man because many think she's a lesbian like her on-screen character Sophie.The actress told The Sun: "That’s the first question a lad will ask me, ‘Are you really a lesbian?



Most girls would give their right arm to be even linked to a One Direction hunk but not Brooke Vincent, who has attempted to quash rumours she’s dated Niall Horan.

The Coronation Street beauty was linked to Irish charmer Niall in 2011 when he admitted she and Demi Lovato were his ideal women.

’"We're glad she's found a guy that knows the truth.

co-stars Alison King and Ryan Thomas shared a countryside break together with their children.


The 24-year-old, who used to date Brentford midfielder Josh Mc Eachran, posted a snap of her and Kean whilst on a trip to Barcelona.The black and white picture sees the pair cuddling up as Brooke looks at Kean lovingly while he stares into the camera.



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