Who is bruce pearl dating

Learn how to rid yourself of candida and discover new levels of energy and well-being. Eric Pearl Eric Pearl rejoins Mike for his second appearance on Mental Health Exposed. Pearl and Mike discuss energy healing, Reconnective Healing and the various forms of spiritual work available today.Interview with sex therapist Linda Hatch, Ph DMike interviews Linda Hatch, author of Relationships in Recovery: A Guide for Sex Addicts Who Are Starting Over.Why did she, at age 41, decide to enter a professional figure contest?Mike and Hope discuss power of personal goals, overcoming self-sabotage, quantum healing and more!

If you have questions or would like to appear as a guest on Mental Health Exposed, please contact us at: Mike [email protected] with The Horse Whisperer Mike interviews Monty Roberts, the legendary Horse Whisperer.

In this show, Mike and Monty discuss how people can heal from post traumatic stress.



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