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OK Will, first of all, since you were sitting in today, is this going to be an ongoing thing? I’m in Nashville, doing production stuff, finishing up these guys’ record right now, and then when they have tours in the future, we’ll just kind of see how it works out. As of right now, we just want to put out what we can, when we can, you know? You guys characterized the last release as “demos,” so are you thinking of this as your “real” introduction to the world? The goal is to just keep releasing music all the time. Hearing it live, I don’t know if this is a conscious influence, but I heard a lot of mid-2000s British kind of stuff going on there, like the Fratellis sort of…WP: That’s a huge influence for me, so I don’t know if that maybe wore off on things. Is that going to be the full play-the-album kind of thing? WP: I’ve always enjoyed the studio process a lot more than touring. But I think the TEAM vibe is much more in my realm of what I listen to, what I’m influenced by. Was it just that you’d been writing this kind of stuff and needed an outlet? CT: I think that, like I said before, we just wanted to write what we like. I think now we kind of know where we want to go; before we were like “you know what, I really like this song. ” And we were like “yeah, I think so.” What have you been listening to? ” was always within the context of the song and not like “oh, well this band is doing this, so we’ve got to try and do something like this.” It was all for the sake of the song rather than putting it on other people or trying to fit into something, and I think it really came out – the mixing isn’t finished yet – but where we left it, it’s very unique and individual, which I think any band tries to go for. But really all our focus is making sure that the Chroma ten-year stuff is exactly the way it needs to be. Is that something you’re really pursuing right now? Pop-punk is certainly something I’m adept at; I know it. Is an LP something you have in mind, or is it just going to be “record, release, record, release”? On this new record, we just wrote what we thought was good, which, is, in my opinion… Was there a motivation to consciously go in this direction? I feel like everything we did, when we had to think about a part, “what should go here? We have some acoustic stuff we’re going to release, probably. Do you have any more studio work with anyone else lined up?

We’ve been writing a lot of the songs together, which has been an absolute treat. Just because, the nature of the last EP was four songs they’d been doing over the course of years and then three songs that we did together in a matter of a couple months. We’ve been putting a lot of hours into what we’re doing and we’re proud of it. CT: I don’t want it to be referred to as a solo project by any means. It’s been about fifteen years, but you know, I’m sure I could pick it back up. WP: I think the songs really, from the last EP, this EP is a lot more cohesive. There’s another band coming in in June called Talk Of Spring. I’m writing the songs, and it’s kind of whoever’s with me at the time. So it’s your project, and whoever you’ve got around you. I feel like I’m just coming into my own with knowing how to do that really well, and being able to put my own spin on things. I’ve got another band coming in in April called Take The Fall, they’re a small pop-punk sort of band. CT: We’re just going to keep releasing music and artistically being ourselves. CT: You know what, I think that’s what’s so amazing about the band name TEAM. Is that everything you recorded, or is there more stuff laying around? And being on that end of things, the creative end, really taking songs that exist and making them physical things people can listen to is something that’s always been a passion of mine. It makes my life easier, so I can focus on other things rather than trying to make sure songs are there, really focusing on sounds and getting good textures. I bring a lot more creativity to that, whereas the pop-punk thing, a lot of it is stuff I’ve already done before. What should people know about TEAM coming up that I haven’t asked about?

TEAM is Caleb Turman of Forever The Sickest Kids’ new band with a rotating cast of other musicians you know and love. I don’t want to give out the name yet, but we just recorded it and we’re really stoked on it. We’ve been hearing about the supergroup for a while now, so Property Of Zack Senior Writer Jesse Richman decided to sit down with Turman from the band and Will Pugh from Cartel, who has been involved in writing and producing the new EP, for a new interview at South By South West this past month.



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