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“There’s a lot to take on with a musical, but he definitely had a vision going in that spoke to me.He eased me into the process.” Not only does Christina have fond words for her director, she also raves about her cast-mates. USA Today has given us the exclusive first look of Christina Aguilera’s new movie with Cher, Burlesque!After much anticipation, we finally get to see what’s in store and it’s everything we could have hoped for."That is one of my favorite songs in the whole wide world to sing.

“I love no-bull-(expletive) women, and she’s the best of the best,” she says of Cher, who plays Tess, owner of The Burlesque Lounge.“An original trendsetter in her time and a legend in mine. She had helpful advice and stories for days.” Cher and Christina together, So exciting!!



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    On the negative attention aimed at video vixens and the Superhead book: Karrine…. Her name just floated around like this big mystery. On selling real estate on “Blood Sweat And Heels”: She says she had just gotten her real estate license when she got an email from Bravo about the show.

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    As the early returns favoring Donald Trump began to trickle in, his mother started to cry. she started calling friends and family in Mexico who reassured...

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    You’ve heard great number of rules earlier about first dates. This is what you actually must know to make your first date with a Russian Ukrainian girl marvelous.

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    Unlike other free dating sites, we’ll put you in touch with people you’ll want to get to know – people with shared interests, values, and core personality traits that we know form the basis of great relationships (and can spark great dating conversations)!

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