Who is dane cook currently dating

I am so happy that he did because this man is super talented! While some are friends and we just become inspired and get creative.

I love football as a sport and enjoy the fact that FSU is on their path to yet another championship! Brandon followed some of my social media accounts and reached out to me directly. Some are just meeting up purely to be productive and shoot some vines. mmm no questions really bother me unless they are completely inappropriate or rude. I shot one yesterday in about 10 seconds and sometimes they take an hour.

But I WANT MORE :) The world can be a beautiful place with an open mind.

You'd be surprise how much effort goes into some of those 6 second clips.

Getting their feedback really inspires me to do more. I wouldn't know They model stereotype is always the most difficult...

I just posted one yesterday on vine.co/amandacerny that is actually pretty amazing.

Probably for my starring role in the new Fart Barf video directed by Brandon Dermer on youtube. I eat mostly raw fruits, vegetables and some nuts any legumes ...



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