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The group hunted them down, but Daryl helped his captors escape. Predictions were swirling that we’d meet The Saviors during “Always Accountable.” So is that who Daryl’s captors were running from? Daryl, Abraham and Sasha drove away in their van and Daryl tried to reach out to Rick or anyone on the radio. Daryl, Abraham and Sasha were attacked during "Always Accountable" and Daryl wound up being captured. Then a man showed up behind Daryl and knocked him out. She passed out and Daryl grabbed their duffel bag and fled. Abraham said that he wasn’t OK because things were continuously spinning out of control. He smoked a cigar he found and watched as the Walker fell from the bridge. When they said they were sorry, Daryl only said that they would be sorry. They all made it, but 'TWD' left us with so many questions we need answered. “Always Accountable” focused on Daryl, Abraham, and Sasha. He got separated from Sarah and Abraham, who crashed their car. But he was injured and in really bad shape and had to hide his bike and leave it behind. Daryl woke up on to see the two women and man by a fire. He woke up again and was tied up with the man pointing a gun at him. RELATED: Will We Meet The Saviors On 'The Walking Dead'? He managed to get his hands free and tried to contact Sasha and Abraham again, but they didn’t answer. She criticized him for jumping out of the car earlier this season on . Luckily, the rocket launcher got stuck, so Abraham got it after all. RELATED: Morgan's Backstory Is Revealed On 'TWD' So Daryl was alone in the woods on . They all drove off together and Abraham actually smiled. When he got no response, he asked for “anybody.” Finally, someone answered and just said, “Help.” and now they’ve been attacked during “Always Accountable.” Things seemed pretty helpless when they got separated, but now they’re back together and they even have transportation! Daryl, Abraham and Sasha continued to drive the herd of Walkers away. They fought and made it out alive and Abraham was all smiles. Sasha reminded him there could be more people coming. He tried to contact Sasha and Abraham on his radio, but got no reply. The man said they were leaving and Daryl shouldn’t talk or he’d kill him. As they walked they talked about how they were “back” but this wasn’t “home anymore.” They also described how they burned the woods down in order to try to kill the Walkers. A Walker was coming and he struggled to go through the duffel to get his crossbow. Then he noticed that there was medicine in the duffel. Sasha and Abraham were having their own problems on . She told him he was “always accountable” for his choices despite the Walkers and all the crazy things that had happened. He held his crossbow and forced them to give him their gun. The man had wood he was carving, and Daryl took it. RELATED: Which Glenn Theories Are Right On 'The Walking Dead'? Then they had a heart-to-heart and Abraham said he wanted to know Sasha “a whole lot better” on . The sick woman went to lay flowers on them and was immediately attacked and bitten by them. He heard a scary noise and found two women hiding behind a tree. Daryl said they were being stupid by taking him, and the man pulled the gun on him again and asked if he was being stupid by not killing him. He said they could make a deal, but the man said Daryl was “one of them.” “I never should have trusted you people to begin with,” he said. Abraham said Daryl probably went back to Alexandria and left them alone because he’d left them before. She wanted to find a place to wait for Daryl to come back. Still, Abraham said he wanted to stand watch through the night and they’d figure out what they were doing there in the morning. They talked about how the other people would do anything to feel safe and “had nothing left except existing.” The sick girl ran over to this burned down campsite. Daryl killed the Walkers, and they buried the bodies. The guy said he killed a lot of Walkers, and no people “because if I did, there’d be no going back.” Then Daryl told him about the Alexandria Safe-Zone. He said he was going back to his friends, and they could come. He made Daryl give them his crossbow, they took his bike. “Mark & Derek’s Excellent Flip” will feature the two professional dancers as they trade in their dancing shoes for work belts, tackling home renovations and house flipping.



One of the men who was hunting them got bitten by a Walker thanks to Daryl and they watched as another man cut his arm off. And now new spoilers about the possible returns of Merle and Noah have TWD fans worried Daryl could die in Season 6. But he really seemed to pull himself together during “Always Accountable.” He also told Sasha that he wanted to get to know her better. And what does this mean for his relationship with Rosita?

Daryl Dixon's Walking Dead death has long been rumored.



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