Who is dating princess diana dating scammer stories

Lady Diana Spencer married Prince Charles in July 1981 and was the mother of Princes William and Harry.

The couple divorced in 1996, with rumours of infidelity on both sides.

After Diana's parents divorced bitterly when Diana was eight, her father gained custody of the four children. She made some impression on him, but she was still too young for him to date.

Diana did not get along well with her stepmother, nor did she do well in school, finding an interest in ballet and, according to some reports, Prince Charles, whose picture she had on the wall of her room at school. After Diana left school, she moved to London, and worked as a housekeeper, nanny, and kindergarten teacher's aide.

She grew up practically next door to Queen Elizabeth II and her family, at Park House, a mansion next to the Sandringham estate of the royal family.

Prince Charles was 12 years older, but Prince Andrew was closer to her age and was a childhood playmate.

Diana was adored for her charity work as well as for her style.

She was killed in a car crash in Paris on 31 August 1997.



They began to date, and six months later he proposed.

They were married July 29, 1981, in what's been called the "wedding of the century." She was the first British citizen to marry the heir to the British throne in almost 300 years.



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