Who is dating princeton from mindless behavior

Mindless Behavior's members are just like their fans, tweeting to their followers (more than 600,000 and counting) multiple times per day.

While he enjoys interacting with fans, Princeton seems to momentarily miss a time when everyone wasn't a text away and his group wasn't gossip-blog fodder. "Without the Internet, we wouldn't have fans overseas." Like it is in America, many of those fans are female.

The quartet boy band was introduced to the world with four members, but Prodigy, Roc Royal and Ray Ray have ventured off into solo careers. When people spend time, energy and effort on you, reciprocate. Life would be so much easier if we all mutually exchanged. Yes, the triplet boy band will be hitting the road, check the first comment to see dates and ticket prices: ( and oh yeah, Hey guys, Happy Sunday! : Next time you feel stressed or fed up with life, go outside. Feel the wind, look at the trees and the cars passing by, you are still alive. Surprisingly, not many people know this, but there are currently three members in Mindless Behavior. Did you know, Mindless Behavior is going on tour next month?!?Besides besting their more established peers, Mindless Behavior has enjoyed a recent run of success, including touring with Justin Bieber and watching their videos surpass 100 million total You Tube views.According to Princeton, the group's upcoming #1 Girl Tour, which stops by Pier Six Pavilion on Friday, will show that they're continuing to grow as artists. "I'm going to prove that I'm a performer." Princeton says he can see the Mindless Behavior fan base diversifying with each tour.

Add the fact that the quartet's best songs are written with sticky melodies and minimal filter ("#1 Girl" producer Walter Millsap III previously wrote for Beyonce), and the Viewer's Choice win makes more sense.

"I'm just gonna keep calling you, texting you, blowing you up on your AIM," Prodigy sings on "Missing You." These are the type of lyrics that will eventually sound dated, but it's also an accurate snapshot of how teenagers are always connected via their cell phones in 2012.



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