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It just doesn't make any sense to me," he told host Caitlyn Becker. I'm not gay, but I think this is the right thing to do.""I really try to understand -- what is it besides a religious belief that makes people think this is wrong? "I want someone to be able to explain to me how people getting married affects them.



"I love motorcycles," Goldman, 39, told Us at the Hollywood premiere of . Even though I got in a wreck a little while ago and lost some toes — I had to promise my parents and everybody that I’d stop riding — but I can't." PHOTOS: Reality TV's breakout stars Reflecting back on the harrowing 2012 crash, Goldman said the accident itself hasn't deterred him in from pursuing his love for bikes. "It just made me make the choice — more consciously to say, ' I'm doing something that is very dangerous, but it’s something I love.'" PHOTOS: Stars who've been caught getting scared Goldman added that while his commute to and from work is risky, he feels at ease about his mode of transportation.

You swooning masses include the woman who jumped on Manthorne outside the Baltimore bakery where the show is set, snuggling up to him cougarishly for a photo. And laughed."When the word 'crush' appears in an e-mail," says Jessica Curry, Manthorne's redheaded significant other of the last few years, "it's a pretty good indication it has nothing to do with a cake order."Food Network's Ace of Cakes has transformed the 34-year-old Manthorne into the unlikeliest of heartthrobs.



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