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In an endeavour to ensure publication of this Journal by the end of January, advertisers are requested to submit their adverts by the .FULL COLOUR ADVERTS FULL PAGE £400.00 HALF PAGE £250.00 QUARTER PAGE £150.00All rates are subject to 20% VAT.The Judge, Breed President, Michael Clark, Lowesmoor Herefords, Tetbury, Gloucestershire will have access to Estimated Breeding Values from across all categories; Ease of Calving, Growth & Carcase traits in addition to the overall indexes.The figures placed against each lot number will be used, where necessary, to assist the Judge in deciding his final placings.

The everyday management of a herd is most important and includes the breeding programme, record keeping, grassland management and selection of future breeding stock.

Young Hereford Breeder James Ludgate will act as a shadow judge to Mr Clark.

It is essential that someone oversees the general management practice so that calving periods, grassland utilization, etc. It’s the Society’s flagship Promotional Publication Cost effective advertising with 3,500 copies produced Copies provided to Members & Prospective Members, Beef Farmers, Colleges, & General Beef Industry In an endeavour to maintain and improve the high standard of this publication we ask advertisers to ensure that they submit photographs of the highest quality possible and, if required, a list of professional photographers can be obtained by contacting the office.

We are highlighting this issue following comments from some Members who have expressed a view that past photographs that have been included in the Journal do not do justice to our Breed.

PROOFS All advertisers will receive a proof of their advertisement for approval prior to final printing.PLEASE NOTE THAT MAJOR ALTERATIONS TO ORIGINAL COPY PROVIDED WILL BE SUBJECT TO AN AUTHOR’S CORRECTION CHARGE.



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