Who is emma bunton dating

But despite describing herself as a “badass”, Tara seems shy over her relationship with Aidan.

It was reported yesterday that she has claimed that she is not the woman in the photos with Aidan.

The Persian-Swede, who speaks Arabic, English, Swedish and French, is a marketing manager who moved to the UK last year.


Now the lucky lady may have been unmasked as an exotic, high-flying, multilingual career-woman.Tara Derakshan is reported to be hunky Aidan’s new flame.This is despite her Facebook photos showing her wearing the same brand of sunglasses as those of the woman in the street with Aidan and them both having the same mole on their left cheek.The woman was seen kissing Aidan on the lips in Soho, Central London, last week.

They dated for five years but the experience seemed to put him off dating actresses for good.After they split he said: “If you’re in my business and you find somebody who does exactly what you do and you’re living with them, then you’re in the business all the time.“You go home, talk about casting directors, you talk about the press, you talk about the next job you’re doing - it can become quite dull and taxing.”Brainbox Tara, who describes herself as a feminist, has also set up a global network for ‘young and badass women’ with a view to discuss topics such as ‘leadership, entrepreneurship and equal rights’.



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