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He played the deliciously acerbic English theatre director Derek Wills - sample line: "I don't want a trooper, I want an icon!

" America is very much where he sees the future for himself, his actress wife Michelle Gomez and their young son.

He has had starring roles in three programmes, two of which (Swingtown and Flash Forward) were cancelled after just one series whereas the third, the agreeable Smash, made it to a second before getting the chop.

Davenport, who has also starred in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, was easily the best thing in Smash, about a group of theatrical sorts staging a Broadway musical about Marilyn Monroe.

Jack Davenport is still best known to British TV viewers as public-school-educated barrister Miles Stewart in This Life, the cult Nineties BBC drama about young lawyers.

But it is in the cut-throat world of American television that he has worked over the past few years.

When we meet, in an airless conference room after a long day of interviews, it's not difficult to tell that Davenport has had a lengthy period of exposure to American TV and the ramped-up publicity demands thereof. I suspect, however, that an American publicist would quail at his unmistakably British forthrightness, not to mention the mischievous note in his posh-does-Mockney voice. I will see you again when you're next in costume with a different haircut.



In the tone of bluff world-weariness which makes him sound older than his 40 years, Davenport talks of the still relatively new NHS and the hospital in Breathless as being "a shining beacon of possibility" in the rather clapped-out, bombed-out England of the time.

"What the show is primarily exploring is women and their changing roles in society around that period.



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    He moved to London in 1936 and joined the Board of Education as a pensions auditor.

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