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PMI Atlanta’s Executive Board of Directors would like to introduce Bylaw changes relating to the Nominations Process for the Executive Board. Current chapter members will receive an email with your unique login and link to the ballot the morning on Tuesday, November 22, 2016.Balloting will close at pm on Tuesday, December 6, 2016.Riff Raff is at his North Hollywood apartment, sitting on a footstool beneath a portrait of Albert Einstein, eating Froot Loops from a plastic cup and figuring out how to get his Porsche Panamera washed.He's in the middle of a nationwide club tour, road-testing new songs from his imminent debut album, , and he's got more errands on his docket than time to handle them: clean the Porsche, locate a flash drive stocked with important instrumentals, find an available studio to record a new song, and get to a club on the Sunset Strip in time to guest-rap during a friend's concert.His forearms are tattooed with the name of a hardscrabble Houston neighborhood, Acres Homes, but he has no pretension to toughness.

Somewhere in there, he's got a meeting to discuss the lawsuit he's threatening to file against the people behind , the movie in which James Franco portrayed a cornrow-coiffed, tattoo-covered, abstraction-spewing white rapper—a categorical infringement, Riff Raff asserts, on his likeness.

He only flew into Los Angeles two days ago, and he flies out again early tomorrow.

"This is supposed to be a day off," Riff Raff says, "but all I've been doing is stressing out." It's a beautiful late-summer afternoon, but he's in too sour a mood to enjoy it.

He took the Panamera to a car wash a couple hours ago, but the line was long and he got fed up with waiting.

His wrath extends far beyond North Carolina, though. I can't do the shit I have to do because it's so many fucking people in the way." The 50 Greatest Hip-Hop Songs of All Time This is jarring to hear, because in his music, Riff Raff is all about fun.

"I hate Los Angeles," he says, scowling as he crunches his cereal. The Houston-born MC has become an internet sensation—a kind of human meme—thanks to the engrossingly odd videos he posts to You Tube and Vine at a relentless pace, which have racked up millions of views, and thanks to his music, where nursery-rhyme melodies and ingeniously daffy couplets combine into a happy, hallucinatory brand of hedonism.



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    An hour or so later he texted back: 'Send me a photo of you. I'll let you have a naughty video of me you'll enjoy.' I re-read it carefully before answering: 'I think there's been a misunderstanding.' I should have been shocked and surprised that a charming, Oxbridge-educated man in his mid-50s, a founding partner of an established legal firm, a father of young adults and keen golfer who'd shared his life story with me on a lovely afternoon at the end of an Indian summer, should turn out to have nothing more than sex on his mind.

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