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A spendthrift tycoon who had to sell his Grade II listed home to pay off his ex-wife has had his divorce settlement reduced by £1million – because a judge ruled she had been just as reckless with the family fortune as him.

Maurice Robson sold his sprawling family estate to socialite Jemima Goldsmith for £15million after being told to pay his former wife Chloe £8million.

Mr Robson’s spending on his sporting and motoring interests became increasingly ‘excessive, reckless and perhaps obsessive’, he added.

But he received some small consolation yesterday when the figure he had to pay was cut to £7million to recognise that the horse-riding Mrs Robson too had played a part in frittering away the family wealth.

The main house has nine bedrooms, five bathrooms, five reception rooms, an orangery and tennis courts.



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