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I thought, ‘I’m going to be sitting home right now not working.’ I hadn’t had any of my own projects ready, and I then I had a call saying, ‘You’ve got to meet this guy Gary Goldberg.

Cusack adds another romantic comedy notch on his belt with "Must Love Dogs," an adult relationship comedy about Internet dating and finding the perfect partner.John Cusack on His Decision to Do Another Romantic Comedy: “I was going to go off and do a film in Europe, and the way things happen in the film business so many times, it fell apart at the last minute.John Cusack and "Must Love Dogs:" John Cusack has plenty of dramatic roles on his resume, including recent starring turns in "Runaway Jury" and the indie film, "Max." But to me he'll forever be known as the guy who gave us the best teen angst romantic comedies of the 1980s."Better Off Dead," "The Sure Thing," "One Crazy Summer" and the best of the bunch - "Say Anything" - helped make John Cusack into one of the most recognizable actors of his generation.

When he was starting out at 16 in 1982, Cusack said he was mentored and protected by industry heavyweights such as Al Pacino as he went on to star in films such as High Fidelity and Grosse Point Blank.

The satirical drama, directed by David Cronenberg, gives a dark and scathing account of celebrity culture as it follows an archetypal Hollywood dynasty - two former child stars, a psychotherapist father and a pushy momager.



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