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Her hobbies include performing in rodeos and racing cars. There is after Terri Alden moves into the apartment in the sixth season.

Harrison has guest starred with notable actors such as James Garner in the feature film Tank and with Eva Maria Saint in the mini-series Malibu.

Jenilee Harrison is married to "Chiropractor to the stars" Dr. She currently demonstrates her business acumen in her real estate investments as well as producing, directing, and hosting of several infomercials.

Jenilee Harrison attended The University of Southern California where she graduated with honors and received a BS in Education.

It was while she was attending USC that she met and took classes from USC acting coach, Joyce Selznick.

Known for her clumsiness, Cindy had a tendency to break things, but she is well liked around the apartment, her enthusiasm and kid sister nature makes her a wonderful roommate.

Raised a true California girl, Jenilee Harrison grew up in Glendale.

Selznick encouraged Jenilee's acting pursuits and inspired her to try out for different roles.


Harrison later said about her character, Cindy Snow, " I wasnt like that [klutzy] at all. Her enthusiasm, likability, vulnerability, naivet -all that was me."After Three's Company, Harrison went on to star in Dallas from 1984-1987.Her role as Jamie Ewing garnered her a Soap Opera Digest nomination for Best New Actress in a Prime Time Series.Active in the world of entertainment at an early age, Jenilee won the title of "Miss Young America", modeled on the cover of the Kellogg's Corn Flakes box, and further sharpened her resume in real estate school at the age of 17.Like her character Cindy, who left apartment 201 to attend UCLA, academic pursuits were extremely important to Jenilee.

Like her cousin Chrissy, Cindy is also known for her naivet.This UCLA student who always seems to make grand entrances or crashes for that matter.



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