Who is katlego danke dating

Madi overheard a journo asking her about the Senzo saga, and her barking back something about "Leave me alone! 's Brighton Ngoma was all over the place, gulping one beer after another, then proceeding to gyrate all over.

Mara, you are old, no amount of make-up can fix that. Anga Makubalo performed his hit tracks - not that anyone was paying attention. Pity Madi is not Lucia Mthiyane, or she would have taken you home.

What was up with the white coat, the hair and the glasses? The only thing Madi was happy to see was that you were as sober as a judge. Siphiwe Mtshali was there with some aesthetically challenged girl who he said is his wife.

Madi found him so eloquent, a far cry from his YO TV days when apparently English was not his favourite language. The Paledis and Somizis have ended their contracts as the faces of Lunch Bar. Geez, Brian "Bruno" Majola was all over Madi, begging her to come to some music video shoot of his on June 7.

It was created and is produced by Mfundi Vundla and airs weekdays at 20h00 on SABC 1.


The place looked amazing though, the setup was very nice and the food was spectacular. Katlego Danke was also there, with her fake plastic smile. She reminds me of a top-five contestant in a beauty pageant waiting for the winner to be announced. The last time Madi bumped into him and his woman they had an outright public spat, with Brighton complaining that she was too intoxicated. Yoh, Mara Louw evoked her inner Abigail Kubeka and showed her highly made-up face, almost like she took a bucket of foundation and poured it on her face.

Hey wena, does Madi look like she has the stomach to attend some wannabe's video shoot?

Generations is a South African soap opera which first premiered on SABC 1 in 1994.

Can Madi officially give up on Nolly Meje's lack of dress sense? No maan, Madi sees you expanding further and further every time she sees you.

She looked like a matron at a Cofimvaba mental institution.

In August 2014, the cast of the popular United States CBS sitcom, The Big Bang Theory were also on strike.



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