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Hayes claims to have become a comedian and a Christian at more or less the same time, at the age of 11: "My mother put me in church plays and one time I just went up on a line and to cover I went into a Judy Holliday impression.

There was stunned silence until the minister burst out laughing, and I looked and I saw the pride on my mother's face, and I told her I was ready to accept Christ and I was baptised." Hayes got her Bachelor's degree in music at Rutgers University on an academic scholarship and was offered a scholarship for a Master's degree in music at Kansas State University, but turned it down in order to pursue a career in comedy. It was there that she was discovered by Danny Tripp, who got her an audition for Studio 60.

In the clip she does accept Donald as her next POTUS, but it came with a ton of waterworks.

Hannah Harriet Hayes is a fictional character on the US television series Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, played by Sarah Paulson.

It's weird to see fights played out on TV that we had, but it was also an honor. He said 'I think you're one of the most wonderfully complicated fantastic women, and I think there's a character here.


Miley's explaining exactly why she's sad -- and man, is she sad.

Hayes was born in Brighton, Michigan to a father who worked in a paper processing plant and a mother who was a secretary in a doctor's office.

She has six brothers, all older and none of them religious.

She started at The Second City in Chicago, where she swept up after shows, and later moved to L. Hayes states that, as a Christian, she has no problem with premarital sex - indeed, she has no problem having premarital sex.


It was her mother, a devout Baptist, who introduced Harriet —who uses her middle name because a Hannah Hayes was already on the rolls of the Screen Actors Guild — to Christianity, taking her to church every Sunday.

By the age of six, Harriet was able to quote entire passages of scripture.



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