Who is lita from wwe dating


While he was laid up with his knee injury, slowly but surely rehabilitating so he could make his big return to be back with his girly girl, Hardy went through some voicemails on Lita's phone and discovered the illicit affair. Hardy went off the deep end once he found out and began posting some seriously strange and psychotic messages on his website. He worked a few indies and what not until WWE got the bright idea of turning this real life issue into a storyline on screen.

Word got around WWE headquarters and the decision was made to release Hardy. This was before Twitter was huge, so we were saved of countless retweets of Hardy's insanity. So they brought Hardy back into the fold for a feud with Edge and operated as though it was all a shoot.

If you've been reading Cageside Seats long enough, you know we reached a point where we were basically through with Matt Hardy.

The troubled wrestler/entertainer/glutton for punishment had a once promising career that started in his own backyard with his brother, Jeff, before they reached the pinnacle of success as a tag team in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) in the late 1990s and early 2000s.


In 2004, Hardy moved from Smackdown over to the Raw brand for the sole purpose of being able to spend more time with his special lady friend.This proved to be a disastrous career move because he was a much bigger fish swimming in the Smackdown waters.The angle was actually quite successful and ever since, Lita was blasted at every arena she went to.In fact, this marked the beginning of the end of her career in professional wrestling, as she was never able to escape the slut and whore chants she received going forward.

Eventually, he injured his knee and was taken off TV for an extended period.

During this time, Lita was still on Raw and with Hardy not around, she sacked up with Edge.



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