Who is lou diamond phillips dating

LOU DIAMOND PHILLIPS: That is one of the most educational and interesting films that I have ever done, only because it was a class in Writing 101 and even in Directing 101.

I was working with a man named Adam Roarke at the time who was a huge sort of biker movie guy. He and Hopper and Nicholson were running buddies in the late ’60s and early ’70s. Are you proud to be from the same state as the president? Texans still manage to have a bunch of national pride.

I told him, ‘If I known that was up on Monday, I would have bought so much stock in Clear Channel or Fox.’ LOU DIAMOND PHILLIPS: The one thing that I find worrisome of late is this attitude that we have to squelch anyone who has a differing opinion or even has the bravery to express their opinion. You don’t have to agree with him and if you disagree, that does not make you unpatriotic or un-American. LOU DIAMOND PHILLIPS: Our country has been built on dissonance and has only gotten stronger because of it. LOU DIAMOND PHILLIPS: So anyway, that’s unfortunate. I was told it was a [location] of the Deep Elements Film Festival.

Not a revolution, but people have a right to ask questions, to doubt, to expect a system of checks and balances. Back to Texas, I was teaching Film Acting at the time and the Film Actor’s Lab had sort of become this Mecca for film acting in Texas. It’s a new festival in Dallas and a buddy of mine from college runs it.

LOU DIAMOND PHILLIPS: You mean that I actually bought all of them? CHRIS NEUMER: Certain sources, certain authors, said that you had co-written and directed it.

Others said that you were just a star in it and had helped with things.

I was teaching acting at the time in Dallas, Texas at the Film Actor’s Lab. LOU DIAMOND PHILLIPS: Well, when you couch it in those terms… I don’t necessarily agree with the man, that’s no secret, but… It’s interesting to come out here and talk to people… I started in theater at Stage West in Fort Worth, which is a wonderful little theater.

There’s a lawyer over at Fox who I had dinner with last night. Not only do I see copies of The lying around his office, which for me is a step in the right direction, he was swearing loudly about the FCC deregulating even more on Monday. But as far as the big ones in New York, it’s not the center that it could be or even the film center it could be.

He now runs the Santa Monica Film Festival as well; his name is Michael Caine, no particular relation to the Cockney man.So at any rate, we were fairly known for teaching film in Dallas.



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