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In 2004, during the Juno Awards, the Canadian equivalent of the US Grammies, the band was nominated as one of five finalists for "R&B/Soul Recording of the Year" for the album X-Quisite.The group had a number of singles from the album, notably "Bad Girl" and "No Regrets". She was also in a group called The Renaissance with rapper Drake.Living in a music-filled household, Hallim says she always knew music was her passion.Her father was a guitarist in a band and would allow her to sit on the stage when she was younger as he would play.Early in her career, she would perform at nightclubs in Toronto.In 2002, Hallim was part of a girl group called X-Quisite alongside Nicole Holness and Nirvana Savoury.Signed to Warner Music (Canada), the group released their self-titled debut studio album X-Quisite in 2003.The song earned Hallim a Grammy Award nomination for Best Female R&B Vocal Performance.


She started her career in 2002 as part of a Canadian musical girl band trio X-Quisite that was nominated for "R&B/Soul Recording of the Year" for the band's album X-Quisite.

She went on to be part of The Renaissance (with rapper Drake), and under the name Syren Hall, recorded some reggae songs.



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