Who is mos def dating


He’s also a little nuts, as his bizarre courtship of Wyatt-Smith betrays.

Yet the pattern persists: Wyatt-Smith, who does not care for rap music but trembles with excitement over being in the presence of members of the R&B group Jagged Edge, is at first overjoyed to be the wife of a rich, famous rapper and movie star, but soon Def turns jealous and possessive, their heated confrontations turn physical, and Wyatt-Smith splits.

He stood about 5’9”, was light-skinned with these real dreamy eyes… The charismatic rapper-actor decides, for reasons that remain a mystery, that in spite of his devout Muslim beliefs and the inconvenient fact that he may technically still be married to another woman, that he must have this eighth-grade dropout, ex-stripper, and full-time groupie/hustler for his wife, despite knowing her only a matter of days.

the kind of eyes that would make you soaking wet just by their focus on you. The Mos Def of Breaking The Code Of Silence is intense, dramatic, romantic, and enigmatic, the kind of guy who spends an evening staring at his smartphone, but only so that he can hire a skywriter to proclaim his love for his new wife in the wee small hours of the morning.

Like far too many other books I’ve written about here, Breaking The Code Of Silence is part of the curiously unsatisfying phenomenon of the “tell-some.” Instead of telling all and favoring readers with a dizzyingly comprehensive list of the impressive men she’s slept with, the author gives just enough information to confuse and obfuscate.

I bought Breaking The Code Of Silence thinking it was a tell-all about being Mos Def’s wife, but their tumultuous marriage only takes up one third of the book’s 112 semi-coherent, typo-riddled, borderline-unreadable pages.

The rest of the book is dedicated to barely comprehensible accounts of relationships with other musicians, athletes, and millionaires whose identities she refuses to reveal, making the title thoroughly ironic.

She lost her virginity to a neighborhood drug dealer who morphs from the man of her dreams to an abusive nightmare over the course of several pages.


The men in Wyatt-Smith’s life tend to blur together into one giant ball of assured masculinity.Here’s Wyatt-Smith on a man she was so obsessed with that she had his name tattooed on her body, even though she was in a serious relationship at the time with Canadian rapper Saukrates, the father of her child, who was waiting patiently for her back in Canada with their son: But then I met “him”…man I was afraid would take me away from reality and the real reason I stayed in Atlanta. In her memoir, Wyatt-Smith makes her way through a dizzying, poorly differentiated mass of white-collar tycoons, athletes, and musicians before she meets Mos Def while partying with friends.



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