Who is paige hemmis dating

Without deep pockets, Paige used her tenacity and resourcefulness to learn all aspects of construction including drywall, cabinetry, electrical, and plumbing.

She auditioned for Monster House (2003) to win tools so she could fix more homes.

During college, Paige taught first aid and CPR to the University of California Santa Barbara student population, she became a licensed Emergency Medical Technician and pursued a medical internship in Virginia after graduating with her Theology and Psychology degrees from UCSB.

Realizing the medical profession was not for her, she accepted an International Sales Manager position for Iwerks Entertainment and moved to Hong Kong.

Paige Hemmis searched far and wide for the perfect wedding venue, but in the end she didn't have to look any further than her own backyard—sort of.

Paige Hemmis may be an unlikely vision on a construction site, however the statuesque beauty is an accomplished carpenter and skilled homebuilder.

She appeared on its Christmas episode and was discovered by the producers of Extreme makeover: Home edition - Les maçons du coeur (2003).


Imbued with an entrepreneurial spirit, Paige pursued substitute teaching while developing contacts in the wedding industry.

She launched "Simply Elegant Weddings" in 2001 and the natural progression of helping couples led to helping families secure their first homes.



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