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Sooraj (Randeep Hooda), a champion kickboxer once, had retired from the arena due to a mishap in the past.

Becoming more broody than John Abraham, he is now doing three jobs at a time to take care of a person whom he was supposed to nearly beat to death (a subplot the film easily forgets later).

, that I am left wondering whether Bollywood directors even check out what their colleagues are doing.

Anyways here is the plot of the film, which for some unknown reason is set in Malaysia…

In the interim, he meets Jenny (Kajal Aggarwal), a visually impaired girl who loves crappy serials and boring others with her talks.

However, like every Hindi film, opposites attract and they fall in love.

Wanting to make things right, he decides to get her sight back. You have such a fantastic actor in your roster, and yet you can’t give him one good script to justify his talents. You can see his efforts in the scenes where he trains for his matches, and later in the fight sequences.

However, her character has nothing to do except to be on a smiley-teary mode! The kick boxing sequences are choreographed well, and the songs are melodious.

Sooraj returns to his sport to make sure he has a domestic life.

Later, he also learns that he was the reason behind her blindness.

What’s not We live in an exciting era when it comes to cinema, when even established directors are looking to serve something different.

In this time, comes a weepie weepie love story that throws every cliche in the Bollywood handbook on your face.

So we have the brooding hero with a dark past cliché, a chirpy and irritating heroine cliché, a lecherous boss cliché, a past that binds them cliché and so on.



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