Who is sean taylor dating


The longtime girlfriend of murdered NFL star Sean Taylor got married this weekend to N.

UPDATE: TMZ has learned Pharrell wasn't just an ordinary guest ...

It's been a long road for Jackie -- who was with Taylor on the night home invaders shot the former Washington Redskins player in their Florida mansion while their 18-month-old daughter was in the room. Shay's bandmate Pharrell Williams (bottom pic) was on hand for the event -- and even had a dance with the blushing bride.As Sean Taylor quickly transcended up the ranks among the top safeties in football history, and quickly at that, Sean Davis watched from Washington, D. Davis had been playing football since he was 7 years old, but Taylor always caught his eye.Taylor is the reason for the way Davis approaches the game and why he wears No. He talked about Taylor's impact on his life on Saturday at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis.

“I watched him ever since he was at Miami,” said Davis, who recently completed a four-year career at the University of Maryland.“I always wanted to go to ‘The U’ back when they had the colored visors and all that stuff. They were scared to come across the field.” Taylor, of course, would leave school a year early to enter the NFL.



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