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Sandeep has demanded a DNA test to prove his claims, and wants to “lawfully” date Deepika Padukone by virtue of being the original son of the senior Mallya.“I got suspicious when I was detained by LAPD last year on charges of drunken driving,” Sandeep informs how he found out his “roots”, “Medical reports confirmed presence of beer in my blood, although very minuscule and inconclusive to prove that I was drunk.“I always knew there was some problem as I had strong urges to gulp down a mug of beer each time my friends in college did that,” Sandeep told Faking News., a soap opera that had premiered just a couple of weeks before his and Siddharth Mallya’s birth.I was let go by the police but I was shocked as I had never consumed any alcoholic beverages in my life.

In one of his recent interviews, Siddharth had said that he and Deepika do speak occasionally.“One can check hospital records and TV schedules, and if there is still any doubt, I am ready for a DNA test,” he added.“This solves so many problems and dilemmas of my life,” Sandeep said referring to him being the alleged original son of Vijay Mallya, and demanded that Deepika Padukone stopped dating the “fake” Junior Mallya, who was in fact “Siddharth Makkar”.Sandeep denies that there was anything illegitimate or chauvinistic about him laying a claim over Deepika.


Are Siddharth Mallya and VJ Anusha Dandekar seeing each other?Popular VJ Anushka, who made her debut in Marathi film 'Jai Jai Maharashtra Maza', was recently spotted in Mumbai.



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