Who should pay for dating who is eddie murphy dating wdw

But as much as I think men should treat ladies to that first meal (or other such activity), I believe that women should step up and at least contribute to dating expenses once a relationship is in full-swing.

While some people might think that having a dude foot the bill for everything shows how chivalrous he is, I don't like the idea of a relationship being so financially one-sided.

A confession to the men I’ve dated: If I ever insisted on paying my half at the end of a first date when you offered to treat, it may have been because I never wanted to see you again.

My persistence to pay was—at best—code for, “Let’s just be friends.” At worst, “Beat it.” We all carry assumptions surrounding that first date bill and how it ought to be settled.


When those expectations aren’t met, the evening could end awkwardly.

She might be offended if he doesn’t let her pay; he might be annoyed if she doesn’t at least offer to chip in. And was I right to offer to split the bill if I didn’t like the guy?



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