Who was keyshia cole dating before daniel


The 32-year-old singer discussed her last album on Interscope Records, a slightly shady diss when asked if she loves her label, her soon-to-be ex-husband Daniel Gibson and his cheating with fellow friend and rapper Diamond. Whoever the guy is that I'm going to end up with forever, I want him to be my best friend!The songstress also opens up about her next go round of love, wanting a friendship mirrored of Beyonce and Jay Z and how she won't be making the choice to date anymore basketball players. Like you know guys be in the car together like "yeah, this my homie! Every time I turn around it's bros and bros on top of bros.Moss fueled the rumor by posting a photo of himself that he later deleted of a woman who’s face was half veiled and looked very similar to Cole.Early Saturday morning [February 20], Moss took to his Twitter to post a cryptic photo with a mystery woman in the background with the caption, “head rubs are the best.” Although he never came out and tagged who he was talking about, many assumed it was Cole due to many rumors circulating around the web. That worked for Gib [Boobie] and I'm not falling for that no more [laughs].On her thoughts on domestic violence: Men need to stop cheating chile because it just hurts so bad and thats what causes you to get your mouth almost smacked off, especially if you do it more than once, twice, now I'm not even gonna say nothing. When Gib [Boobie] and I got into it and I kinda smacked him a little hard, he just kinda took it because he knew he was wrong. It's like, 'Okay, you're not learning and I don't think you want to.' Angela: As your wife and your friend you're not supposed to have chicks feeling like they can even come out their mouth and say anything crazy about you.However, Moss quickly deleted the pic, but not before getting it screen shot.A romance between the two may not be that far-fetched after all, being that Cole and her former husband Daniel “Boobie” Gibson seemed to have called it quits for good after attempting to work things out.



On Valentine’s Day he posted the below photo, suggesting he and Cole are no more.(Photo : Screenshot 'The Breakfast Club') R&B singer Keyshia Cole stopped by morning show 'The Breakfast Club' to discuss new album, address lesbian rumors and failed marriage to Daniel Gibson along with his infidelity. I wouldn't like an ugly guy, but I mean he just gotta get me mentally. On her new perspective on love: It has to be friendship, best friends.



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