Who was rock hudson dating


The more popular Rock became, the more attention the gossip magazines began paying to his personal life.Willson set Rock up dates with attractive young actresses, then tipped off the press where to find them.There were etiquette lessons, which Willson gave to Rock while showing him off at Hollywood’s hottest restaurants.He taught him how to speak, had his teeth straightened and supported him while he got his career up and running.Willson came up with all of their new “movie star” names (Rad, Troy, Cal, Van, Chance, Guy, Clint, Race, Dack and Rock) and rewrote their biographies to include masculine hobbies like football, woodworking, horseback riding or fishing.Willson knew that Rock was something special and so he spent a lot of time “grooming” him.Even with Willson's heterosexual smoke screen, word got around about the handsome "bachelors" that Rock was seen with around town. The magazines started doing stories which asked why Rock wasn't married yet.At one point Confidential Magazine threatened to expose Rock Hudson as a homosexual.

In exchange for sex, and percentage of their future earnings, Willson’s handsome discoveries would be sculpted into stars.Not all of his discoveries were gay, but we have to assume that they were at least open to “pleasing” Willson in one way or another.The rumor is that one of Rock’s tricks managed to take a few incriminating photos of Rock and sold them to the magazine.In order to save their hottest new star, Willson and the studio made a deal with the magazine; leave Rock alone and they would give them the dirt on Rory Calhoun and one other young star.

According to Justin Spring’s book “Secret Historian” the legendary Samuel Steward, professor, tattoo artist and sexual renegade was also working there at the same time. After some brief flirtation, these two attractive men stopped a freight elevator between floors and had sex.(If it was up to me, there would be a bronze plaque in that elevator commemorating their trick.)His stable of hot young male actors included Guy Madison, Troy Donahue, Tab Hunter, Chad Everett, Robert Wagner, Rory Calhoun and Doug Mc Clure.

Roy was quickly renamed Rock Hudson and he would become Henry Willson’s most successful creation.



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