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Fake what you believe in because of what others might perceive you as. Dej immediately responded to Aye on Twitter — nothing cryptic here.

It seems like forevs ago that Teutonic supermodel Heidi Klum and her hubby Seal were a big happy family with lots of kids, throwing fabulous and infamous Halloween parties in Hollywood. Who is the latest hunk to waltz into Klum's life and enjoy a bra-and-shirt-free vacation with the supermodel?

She split with her BF Martin Kirsten in January, after a year of couplehood, and quickly rebounded with art dealer Vito Schnabel. Klum and Schnabel were snapped together in Mexico, with Klum going topless as they engaged in plenty of PDA for the paps.

In addition to Klum, he was linked to supermodel Elle Macpherson, as well as actress Liv Tyler and post-Ashton-Kutcher-era Demi Moore.

So he goes for slightly older women, and ones with kids.

Schnabel curated his first art show at the age of 16. There is a 13-year difference in age, since Klum is 40, but clearly he was on the fast-track to maturity when he was a teen.

Clearly, he has an eye for beauty, and not just that of Klum and her lovely lady lumps. We think he has matured in dog years and has the mental age of a schooled and cultured 45-year-old man.


But in all seriousness, a 16-year-old curating an art show? He and Klum reportedly share their interest in art, further erasing the age divide. His dad is Julian Schnabel, the filmmaker who directed He likes to date models and MILFs.Most kids that age are drinking wine coolers they jacked from the basement of their parents' crib and being generally obnoxous to authority figures and anyone over the age of 30. Schnabel seems to have more refined tastes, and he likes to hook up with models and MILFs.Well, we've done a little digging and we've discovered that he appreciates culture and has a predilection for models and MILFs.Here's the skinny and scoop on one Vito Schnabel: He's an art dealer.

“No need to pretend…” “They’re not together they’re not a couple,” Aye told “If I want to say something to Dej, I can say it to her face because I have access to her,” Aye continued.

“They’ll be so quick to say you’ve changed, when it’s really them who aren’t growing,” she tweeted.



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