Wicca dating in new york

Shopping here is a little self—indulgent instant karma; the Center is a not for profit organization and provides free classes for social service organizations throughout the city.” There are treasures to be found all over Manhattan, but you’ll find the Pagan—friendly shops downtown, below 14th street. This sleek and well—stocked bookstore also carries jewelry, pouches, stones, incense, music, statues, and more. I found a basket of pretty, very large pouches made from recycled sari material for each.The dark and narrow space was filled with an aura of mystery; books and tools were crammed onto dusty shelves, and the women behind the counter didn’t seem to acknowledge that I was alive. I didn’t exactly achieve Nirvana by finding by chance.Of course, that store is long gone, but it is far from forgotten; the tribute website its place as the “Ground Zero for the Occult explosion in New York City.” The site collects stories about the shop and its maverick owner, Herman Slater.

Both have passed from this mortal coil, but in many ways, they are still representative of what New York City is for today’s Pagan community: eclectic, eccentric, and full of surprises.

It is also apt that has moved on; the one constant in New York City is change; always triple—check your plans before visiting to make sure that the event you want to attend, person or shop you want to visit, or landmark you want to photograph hasn’t switched locations, times, or just plain escaped from Planet Earth entirely.

Christ mystery thunder interfaith crystal healing Hope Goddesses demeter Egypt marvel Celtic polytheism crystal anatomy taiwan coven amoret briarrose tales and stories indigenous Silence tarot magick Sun magic Earth Day Imbolc children politics and religion Yule tree writing and publishing Horned One trees energy grounding Litha Dionysus . All that could be garnered were the cryptic, yet tantalizing words, “you’ll find it when it’s ready for you find it.” Needless to say, I spent many a weekend wandering the streets with no luck.

Several friends told me all about this Mecca and the things I would find there, only... I confess, my adolescence fell in those dark times before the Internet took off; Googling and map—questing weren’t options.


Browse this shop for books, cards, music and Zen gifts, and then visit the wellness center.A massage (there are dozens of styles on offer from Shiatsu to Reiki), or one of their drop in yoga classes may be just what you need to prepare yourself for all the walking you’ll be doing!



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