Wicd validating authentification

I'm new to this forum and linux in general and I'm having trouble connecting to the internet in some situations.


I have no problem connecting to unprotected networks. It just keeps trying to connect, until it says "Can not connect to network" I did notice that other people were having this same problem but it was never resolved ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?

The wifi is protected as WPA- EAP : TLS (using ssh key pairs and .pem) I tried using wicd, but I permanently get an error of 'bad password', I'm not sure how to troubleshoot the connect (I can't how to get the debug messages going through the terminal to work out what isn't connecting).

So I decided to try connecting directly via wicd (they supply the config and a script).

I must say I am really new to the networking stuff and Linux (Ubuntu 8.10).


This worked for me, I was constantly trying to ifup wlan0, but the necessary thing was to just use the wpa_supplicant command and then run dhclient (Although the command stops after "bount to..." and doesn't completely return) . I had the same issue of establishing a connection to eduroam but being unable to ping anything with my connection.I had a chat with our IT support guys and having found one who knew something about linux we were able to solve the problem.



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