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There were some serious lookers in there, and I swear my pants shrunk a couple sizes at the sight of some of these dresses. The first girl I sat down with was quite young; a 22 year old mother of three.

The ladies there were dressed in fine dresses, some of them quite low cut, and smelled like a flower garden designed by Martha Stuart herself.

(Sociology) a method of meeting potential partners in which each participant has only a few minutes to talk to each of his or her dates before being moved on to the next one.

Speed Dating (10-40 minutes) Have a question card on a desk (or, the question can be the same one from up front that changes every time). One student reads the question and then they talk about the question for one or two minutes, then one (or both) partners switch.

Once that buzzer sounded, I rocketed out of my chair with the speed of a gazelle. My decision was finalized as soon as she brought up her grandkids; I can hardly handle one generation of young ones, much less two.

I had been single for a while, and I was sick and tired of it.Being 32 and single is no laughing matter; the traumatic experiences of watching your friends get married, have children, and attain the American dream are akin to the hopeless depression of the schizophrenic mental patient.


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    Finding new hot and sexy partner is too easy right now.

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