Winchester model 94 serial number dating

These were the .32-40 and .38-55, very popular cartridges with an excellent reputation for accuracy in the single-shot rifles of the day.

Impressive as its initial reception was, a year later it caused a sensation in the United States, which quickly extended elsewhere in the world, because it was being chambered for the first American-made smokeless powder sporting cartridge, the .30WCF (Winchester Centerfire), better known to this generation as the .30-30.

Such assessments were almost universally ignored by the shooting public.

The Model 94 Winchester was patented by the Browning brothers, as its nomenclature suggests, in 1894. By November of that year it was listed in Winchesters catalogue, with two popular black powder cartridges as standard chamberings.

More than three generations of hunters, stockmen, farmers, law enforcement officers, explorers and outdoorsmen of every stripe have relied upon it for their shooting needs.In all reality, a cartridge does not have to launch its bullets at Mach V in order to be a good game harvester, and a rifle doesnt have to deliver minute of angle accuracy to be good enough to drop a deer cleanly at a reasonable distance.Over those hears its popularity in the gun press has varied from ecstatic endorsement to disdain.Some gunwriters have recognized the reasons for its widespread popularity, whilst others have looked down their collective noses at the old lever gun as merely the vehicle for a barely adequate cartridge (whichever of the many for which it might have been chambered), of little practical worth, in a firearm appropriate for Western movies but having no place in the battery of a real rifleman.

This has not been lost upon those generations of practical bushmen and hunters.

Virtually unchanged in all important features, the Model 94 has reached its centenary year a perennial best seller.


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