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Still dressed in her purple pajama's, she was on a 'vacation' from her duties as Vice Foreign Minister. She reached out and took the younger girls hand in hers. Okay, she had a 'slight' problem lately with her stress levels. by Yawning and Co-written by Kelly_Pure *Oh, Heero. " a gentle voice rang out and broke my concentration. Stupid jerk* Relena thought as she tossed and turned in her bed. Lifting her head up, she saw her sister-in-law enter her bedroom with her best friend Hilde behind her. Black hair and similar blue eyes, they were readily teased about being twins separated at birth. Pulling a pillow over her face she screamed dramatically into it. "I think she said he's always my problem." Hilde answered with a shrug. Even though she thought Heero and Relena were perfect for one another, she didn't like the idea of the young girl waiting around for him. All she knew was she had a feeling all hell would break loose when 'he' found out. The shiny black hair and dimpled cheeks reminded her of a model. But personality aside, the date had been wrought with bad luck. Their reservations had been canceled for some unknown reason.

Overwork and a certain someone had driven her to this. Really." Relena said, hoping they would believe the lie. With Relena forced to take a mini vacation, Noin and Milliardo had been staying at her mansion to watch over her and hopefully keep her out of trouble. In fact, you couldn't even call them boyfriend and girlfriend anymore. "How about you getting dressed and we all go out today? Seems her schedule was too much for a normal human being, causing moodiness and sleep issues. Everyone knew Hilde thought her boyfriend Duo Maxwell walked on water. Nothing brings home a point more than falling asleep during a meeting or throwing things at her brother because he simply drank up all the milk in the house. Living together for the past few years, they were literally inseparable.


"She's right." Hearing that, Noin and Hilde turned their heads to Relena in shock.

********* Date One: One week later it was a totally different situation. First Robert's tires had been flat when they got to the car.


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