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Tell me if you've ever had this shouted at you: "Go lower. You'll also hear it referred to as "posterior pelvic tilt" or just "pelvic tilt," and when it's severe, it can be bad news for your lower back.You can see people do everything they can to avoid butt wink.Carrying a heavy load—or even a relatively light one—with the lumbar in flexion is unquestionably dangerous.However, many form-sticklers and fitness pundits start cringing the moment they see any pelvic rotation in the bottom position of the squat.But, just like passing the knees over the toes, pelvic tilt has gotten blown way out of proportion.


That's right: You can be a strong, mobile athlete squatting with good form, and you'll still experience some degree of pelvic tuck at the bottom.Look at any Olympic lifter, or any of the strongest athletes who use full-depth squats, and you'll see their back will slip into a neutral spine position at the bottom.They start their squat with crazy overarched backs, most commonly.Or they pull out of a perfectly good squat at the slightest sign of pelvic tilt, beat themselves up about it, and try every obscure assistance exercise that's ever been mentioned in a forum post. Yes, it's important to achieve good levels of flexibility and joint integrity, particularly if you're moving heavy weights in a complex movement like the back squat.

Their heart is usually in the right place, but they often cry "flexion" when the truth is closer to "neutral." Bearing a load with a neutral spine is safe and doesn't negatively affect strength.

And some degree of butt wink is necessary to come out of back extension and into a neutral position.


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    but if your interested pm me 2006 CC SB, SRW, Barder stg #2, Ported manifold, Warren 190 30's, banks CAC, SCT Tuned by/IDP, IDP ficm tunes, nadp trans, fluidampr, FASS LP, Driven RR, edge insight, HPODS, BD ex manifolds, HD y pipe all ceramic coated & wrapped, UCF O-ringed heads with arp's, Colt stg 1 cam with RCD springs and tubes, 6" lift/trac bars, 37's gears, Future mods: non VGT T4 64mm BASB I know that there isn't a lot of "tangible" data on cams and there are some VERY strong opinions on "effectiveness" (lack thereof actually) of a cam, but I am with you.

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    Where can the porn industry go next, you might well ask?

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    Additional roles included that of a copy guy in Ron Howard's The Paper (1994), Christie in Alien Resurrection, and Yates in the Andy Wilson-directed medical thriller Playing God (1997).

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    After a slow start, the discussion took off and now has 14,000 comments, or about four a day.

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