Wireless is validating identity

I had been able to connect previously, but the connection would always indicate that it was validating.



This seemed to work for me after I disconnected from my router and reconnected again.

However, you may have to go into "view wireless networks", and then choose "change order of preferred networks" in left corner of screen.

I have a laptop with a Dell D630 with Wi Fi power switch on the side.

Because I have a switch to disable the Wifi power, this seemed easier/safer, and it worked. thanks, Solution: remove whatever "preferred networks" are displayed in wireless netwok card's property page, n click ok. happens when u switch to a new router or use a new different SSID.

After this remove your router from preferred networks list. I had this problem on a laptop (lenovo) which i reinstalled xp on.

This will allow you to pick your router from available wireless network again, and put in your encryption code. I tried all the other stuff like disabling 802.11 settings under properties blah blah ..nothing worked.



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    Some of these are easier to spot and correct than others.

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