Wireless setting updating go pro hero 3


The camera itself has three buttons: One on top to capture, one on the front for power and settings, and one on the left side for controlling the built-in Wi-Fi functionality.There are also dedicated mini HDMI, USB and micro SD ports on the right side of the Go Pro.In addition to the Wi-Fi control button, the left side of the device also has holes for mono sound recording.


Without any attachments or accessories, the Go Pro Hero3+ Black Edition weighs in at just 74 grams.

Cards with capacities up to 64 gigabytes can be utilized.

Two lights are on the front of the camera: a blue one to show that Wi-Fi is enabled, and a red one to show when the camera is recording.

Above the lights is a small grayscale LCD display that allows for menu controls and shows the camera's current status and settings.

Additional red recording indicator lights are also found on the top, back and bottom of the camera.The waterproof housing brings the weight up to 136 grams.



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