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5 Non-Gushy Ways to Strengthen Your Relationship 1.The cliche: Dining at an outdoor cafe Break it by: Going from farm to table (to bed) Food writer Gael Greene once penned, "Great food is like great sex.Start by snagging some arugula or rocket lettuce and harvesting organic tomatoes, then move on to a dairy farm for milk and cheese. Rent a soft-top board and take turns pushing each other into the waves. Get a Wave Runner for an afternoon trip up a river, and have lunch midway through.Top it off with a visit to a local butcher for some grass-fed beef or free-range chicken. The cliche: Having brunch Break it by: Making a barbecue pilgrimage "Let's do brunch," you say. And afterward, we can go antiquing before stopping by a department store for a refreshing spritz of summer perfume! Look, most guys don't consider cramming into a tiny French bistro to sip Bellinis a great way to grub, and for many of us, breakfast is just sustenance. ), try adding some adrenaline to the hormonal cocktail coursing through his veins. And if you happen to be landlocked, consider the co-ed car wash: You'll do his, then he'll return the favor...before turning the hose on each other. The cliche: Going for a jog Break it by: Turning your city into a gym Ever watch The Amazing Race?You'll get even the most tight-lipped of men in the mood to talk. The events unfold throughout the summer and early fall, pitting teams against one another in a multi-discipline competition set in the urban jungle. You can also plan your own challenge, creating feats of endurance—and absurdity— throughout your hometown. The cliche: Visiting the driving range Break it by: Blowing off steam at the firing range There's more than one reason guys ogle video-game vixens and drool over gun-wielding, ponytail-sporting action heroines.So decamp to your local barbecue joint, preferably one with picnic tables out back, for a brunch of porcine and bovine delicacies. You're either convinced you and your man would slay the competition, or that you'd devolve into a hot mess of tears and accusations.Having the foresight to scout out this hog heaven will score you major points, and as he powers through wet wipes and drains his brew, his defenses will drop. The cliche: Soaking up the sun Break it by: Going swimming (or surfing or boating) Let's start with the obvious: Stripping down in the sun lets you check out each other's beach bodies. Now consider this: A 2009 study by Austrian and German researchers found that vitamin D (which you can get from just a few minutes in the sun) significantly increases testosterone in men. Now's your chance to find out (with much lower stakes), thanks to a 10-city adventure race series called City Chase.

The best part about organic grub: You don't have to be Mario Batali to whip up a decent spread, thanks to the tastiness of fresh local produce and meat.

You could pop down to the farmers' market, but visiting a nearby farm makes it more of an adventure (to find both, visit localharvest.org).



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