Workout dating

Welcome to my BLOG where we can talk about Fitness, Health, Nutrition, and more! I DID read something lately though that looks SO up my alley by Chad Waterbury.

It is my hope that this blog will help you be more fit (maybe even a little sweaty) and more nutritionally aware. She wore these great leggings the other day and she got SO many comments on them, but she never responded. I've really enjoyed workouts from this guy in the past.

Remember, your body is your temple, and it is the only one you have. I am not claiming to be a guru, nor is this to replace medical advice - it is simply a place to voice opinions on how to better yourself. Zuzka has been posting some interesting workouts on her FB page lately. This series of workouts only requires a Kettlebell and a pull-up bar.

I haven't really been into her workouts lately though.

K.'s Virgin Active is just mischievous (and a little naughty).

Taglined "There's a workout for that," it centers on the dating adventures of a red-haired girl, matching each workout to her various mishaps; for example, having to open a heavy door that her date lets swing shut in her face; climbing out of a bathroom window to escape from a terrible evening or having to carry a ridiculous giant teddy bear.


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