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We're deep into our multiplication and division unit right now, and this is how we practice using the traditional algorithm.Basically, set your students up in pairs so they are facing eachother - long rows of desks or tables work the best for this.Our desks are currently set-up in a "U" formation, so this works well. Before I had individual whiteboards, we would use laminated paper or paper in page protectors - basically anything with a wipe-off surface.Students draw a line down their whiteboards to divide the surface in half.Students will brainstorm vocabulary related to the topic and then discuss some well-known quotes about love.

This lesson is designed to be used near the date of Valentine's Day (14 February) to talk about the topic of love and romance.

With their new partners, we start the whole process again.


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    In reality we know nothing about a new neighbor who moves in a few doors from where your little girl or boy lives; a new date you find simply fantastic but who could be a rapist, wife beater or worse.

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