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A remix of the song, featuring a verse by American rapper Lil Wayne, was released as the album's third single on February 3, 2011.

Posner performed the single on The Ellen De Generes Show on April 19, 2011.The song's video is listed in the showcase library of National Geographic Music India. It takes place where Posner is dating a girl, but fails to impress her. A sex tape featuring the late Tupac and some groupies has surfaced and while there are plans to release the tape, we've learned the intimate details of the, shall we say, plot of the story! We fade in on the five-minute video with Tupac, circa 1991, in a living room during a house party.Pants down to his ankles and his shirt off, he walks into the room of groupies all eager for his arrival.

He quickly pulls one of the women toward him, and as a never-before-heard Tupac track plays in the background, she performs oral sex.As the music plays and the woman, um, does her thing, Tupac sings along, with a drink in one hand and blunt in the other. In fact, she never stops once throughout all of this!


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