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[jan] Fix updating tickets with owners via the API (Neal Thomas Oakey ).------ v3.0.5 ------ [mjr] Fix some issues with adding tickets via the API. ------ v3.0.4 ------ [jan] Update Italian translation. [mjr] Fix validation of email field failing for valide RFC822 email lists (Bug #14063). --------- v3.0.0RC1 --------- [jan] Set assign and update dates when creating new tickets (Bug #12414).[jan] If set, use Reply-To: address for the ticket creator when creating tickets from emails.------ v3.0.6 ------ [jan] Use access rules compatible with both Apache 2.2 and 2.4. Lahore Faisalabad Multan Karachi Peshawar Quetta Hyderabad Affiliated Institutes Grafton College, Chak Shahzad, Islamabad. ---------- v3.0.9-git ---------- ------ v3.0.8 ------ [jan] Update Portuguese translation.------ v3.0.3 ------ [mjr] Fix error reporting if listing of users failed (Bug #13944). --------- v3.0.0RC3 --------- [jan] Fix empty notifications for assignees on ticket creation (Bug #12683). [mjr] Fix sourceselect preference handling (Bug #12718). [jan] Move attachments list to separate ticket tab. [jan] Fix counting of responsible users (Bug #12406). [jan] Don't send reply messages to guests if disabled in preferences. [jan] Add more tests to filter out bounces and auto-replies in the mail parser.


[jan] Add configuration option to include raw processed message.[jan] Add due date to ticket columns (Request #10986).[jan] Fix fatal error when assigning a ticket in certain use cases (Bug #13731). ------ v3.0.0 ------ [jan] Fix update Ticket() API method (Bug #13011). [jan] Fix displaying of multiple owners (Bug #12051).------ v3.0.2 ------ [jan] Fix uploading attachments when assigning in step 4 (Bug #13621). ------ v3.0.1 ------ [jan] Fix CSS styling of comment text. ----------- v3.0.0beta1 ----------- [jan] Fix deleting attributes.

[mjr] Fix decoding custom attributes for display (Bug #14326).

------ v3.0.7 ------ [jan] Fix displaying ticket creators with names when creating tickets from emails.



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