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Some examples of these blanks – also called tokens – could be #$#Name#$#, #$#Interest1#$# or #$#Body Type#$#; and a short message made with those blanks could look like so: "Hello, #$#Name#$#. After creating the perfect template, Dating Site Dominator automatically takes care of filling in those blanks using the information from your chosen profile.


We know it's a big bad world out there when it comes to online courtship, so it's no wonder there's now something like Dating Site Dominator.

Let's just get this out of the way: it's not an S&M site, despite the name.

) Here's one of many testimonials from one of the app's users, "Russel from California," a very busy professional who doesn't have time to wade through all the girls clogging up his email and who wants to "cut to the chase": Another extols the advantages of this kind of app, which will surely give fellas more time for video games, or whatever else can take the place of all that online soulmate searching: The templates — which are basically field generators — is where the men will break away from the boys, if they're creative enough.

At the click of a button, you can quickly send a message to your chosen profile.


By bringing back dating to Ghana Web, we want to offer a dating experience adapted to the Ghana taste and culture.

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